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Aerial Work Platforms and Runabouts

Our aerial work platforms and runabouts give your team and equipment safe access to areas that are located at a

BMS Bins Range

       Model      Length (mm)     Width (mm)    Height (mm) 612 B Big Bins 335


Maintaining the brakes of any vehicle is critical, especially in their upkeep and long term performance. We have a wide


The Cantilever shelving is the best option for the storage of long and irregular loads such as bars, profiles, tubes,

Cimex X46

Escalator and travelator cleaner that gives a powerful cleaning and vacuuming performance. Ideal for airports, shopping centres, retail stores, underground


  • Motor AC electric motor (induction)
  • Charger 48V/25A
  • Battery Lithium-ion battery | 72V | 25.6Ah │50.2Ah (double battery pack)
  • Cell rated capacity 3200mAh
  • Max speed 40 km/h (24.9 mph) | 60 km/h (37.3 mph)
  • Range  50 km (31 miles)│100 km (62 miles)
  • Charging time ~5hrs

City Cargo

  • Motor 48V 4kW AC Motor
  • Controller Toyota 48M-350A
  • Charger 48V/25A
  • Battery 170Ah Gel battery, 150Ah | 200Ah Lithium Battery - available upon request
  • Transaxle 16:1
  • Max speed 25 km/h (15.5 mph)
  • Slope climbing ability 20o (loaded)
  • Range 70-90 km (43.5-55.9 mils), loaded on flat road at speed of 20km/h (12.4 mph)
  • Braking distance 4.3 m (14’ 1”)
  • Min turning radius 4.4 m (14’ 5”)


Power supply 230V ~ 50/60 Hz
N° / motor type 1 / Silenced dry cup
Power (max) 1000 (1200) W
Motor cooling Through-flow
Column depression 24kPa / 2400mmH2O
Air suction 45 l/s
Total volume 15 l.
Emptying manual
Filter washable
Electrical cable lenght 7,5 m
Dimensions 47x34x36 cm
Machine weight 5,5 kg

Cleanserv VU4

Powerful, handy brush vacuum cleaner for careful but thorough dry cleaning of carpeted areas. Easy to handle and to transport.

Dock Shelter

Dock shelters are essential when it comes to the transport of loads from the back side of the truck to

Drive In Racking

Order, ease and accessibility are the three values that our drive in racking system provides to customers who store items