Products and Services

Products and Services

Demetriades Group offers more than a million products new and used, for every use and need that may arise from customers.bIn order to meet customer needs, Demetriades group formed alliances with worldwide well known companies.


Demetriades group is the official partner of leading suppliers such as Linde, Club Car, Parker Hannifin Corporation, Ωmega Oils, Par Fit, Durolift, Ned-Deck Marine, Denison and many others.


Combijet Manufacturing is being a member of Demetriades group, since 2011. Combijet Manufacturing has a wide range of industrial cleaning and high pressure water blasting equipment that can cover a wide variety of applications, while offering the highest standards and equipment to fit every industrial application, whether it is onshore or offshore application.


Being a member of Demetriades Group of Companies, Combijet is in the position to utilize the expertise and the engineering background in order to offer products and support of the highest standards.


Find the most comprehensive range of products and services of Demetriades Group that can support your business.