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Omega Lubricants

Demetriades Handling is the sole agent of Omega Lubricants, which are probably the finest line of quality oils, greases and additives in the world.  
The most popular Omega products we have supplied for Marine applications and Offshore Environment with successful results are:
ΩMEGA 65 Long-Life Chain & Cable Grease.  A premier lubricant especially designed for ultra long-term preservation.  Ωmega 65 grease leaves equipment susceptible to oxidation, corrosion, rust, rigidity and eventually failure.
Several Typical applications: Roller & sling chains, cables and wire ropes.
ΩMEGA 73 Waterproof Open Gear Grease.  A specially developed open gear lubricant designed to provide multiple protection to the gear system, without compromise. Ωmega 73 has ultimate applications in open gear equipment.
Several Typical applications: Cranes, wind pumps, water pumps, anchor winches, mooring winches, hatch covers, cargo cranes & davits. 
Ωmega 917 Seal Saver Additive.  A new type of lubricant designed to protect & prolong the life of engine & equipment seals. Ωmega 917 prevents seal deterioration and assists in conditioning seals to prevent fluid loss. Equipment dismantling for seal replacement is forever banished with regular use. For preventive maintenance use with a mixing ratio 1% and 3% maximum to stop leakages.
Several Typical applications: Seals on pumps, mining machinery, marine motors.
Blue Max Pistol-Grip Grease Gun. A new style grip handle economically designed for easy operation. It is an anodized blue aluminum cylinder machined to fine tolerances and engineered especially for use with Ωmega 400gr cartridge-type greases. 
Ωmega 58 Superior Food Machinery Grease.   Developed for use in Food-contact situations, Omega 50 is non-toxic and with stands assist common to food production as well as steam wash, detergents and extreme temperature.  Omega 58 is ideal trawlers, fish processing and packaging plants, galleys and other clean – environment applications. 
Ωmega 66 Heavy Duty Low – Temp Grease .   Omega 66 will not congeal or harden during severe temperature fluctuations from - 23o to centigrade 250o centigrade.  This product is ideal for life boat equipment, hoist chains and slipways working under arctic conditions.  
Ωmega 95 Super Corrosion – Control Grease.   Omega 95 is the saltwater – resistance grease that protects against corrosion without heavy metals or other harmful additives.  Omega 95 continues to lubricate underwater and is ideal for dockside equipment, ship boat handling equipment, water light doors and winches.  Registered for use in NATO, Denmark!