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Services: Hydraulic, Mechanical & Pneumatic

Demetriades Hydraulics has been a member of the Demetriades Group since 2001.  It is one of the most dynamic manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic and pneumatic products in the market.
Since 2005, the company has been the sole agent for Parker Hannifin Corporation and Linde Hydraulics –  two significant market leaders in hydraulics technology worldwide.  The cooperation with Parker and Linde gave Demetriades Hydraulics the benefits of being able to source products for its customers from an immense range with the highest standards. 
By developing new methods and procedures for obtaining the latest technology and equipment, together with an extensive range of products and ongoing training and human resources development, Demetriades Hydraulics has created a competitive advantage to assist its customers.  
At Demetiades Hydraulics apart from the supply of all types of hydraulic components and parts, a technical support is offered for an immerse range of applications and the development of integrated solutions. 
Demetriades Hydraulics is one of the most forceful manufacturers and suppliers of hydraulic and pneumatic products present in the market.
Demetriades Hydraulics created a respectful competitive edge with the:
  • continuously development of new methods and procedures, 
  • use of the latest technology and equipment, 
  • extensive range of products, 
  • continuous training and human recourses development.
Demetriades Hydraulics offers Hydraulic Services, with superior quality and technical expertise that can support a very broad range of hydraulic systems and equipments.   
Demetriades Hydraulics has a Hose Doctor on Call Service where all customer enquiries are handled immediately for all types of installation. Qualified specialized engineers, in hydraulics arrive, on location, to solve any problem and ensure that repairs are carried out thoroughly and quickly, in order to keep your business running smoothly.
  • Mechanical Services 
  • Hydraulic Services
  • Pneumatic services
  • Filtration Installation
  • Dry dock services
  • Reverse osmosis installations
  • Load Test Inspections
  • Particles oil analysis 
  • David services
  • High Pressure water blasting equipment