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Retail & Wholesale

We can provide an extensive range of products that can satisfy every need with a wide variety of product range such as:  new or used forklifts, electric pallet trucks, electric pallet stackers, electric reach stackers, combination order pickers and turret trucks, order pickers, electric counter balanced trucks, diesel and LPG counter balanced trucks, sideloaders, tow tractors etc.
In addition, we can provide material handling equipment such as hand pallet trucks, galvanized pallet trucks, rough terrain trucks, low profile floor scales, high lift hand pallet trucks, high lift scissor trucks, winch stackers, mini stackers, lift tables, work positioners, electric motorcycle lifts, platform trolleys, hand trucks & carts, aluminium platform trucks, transport trolleys, ride on drum trucks, hydraulic drum trucks, drum grabs, mobile carriers, drum lifters, machinery jacks, toe jacks, adjustable skates, complete skate kits, crane forks, electric aluminium work platforms, mobile aluminium work platforms, semi-electric stackers, hand stackers, load scooters, booms, jibs, battery changers, roll forward skips, fork extensions, access platforms, tyres, spare parts, forklift attachments, sideshifts, fork positioners, double pallet handlers, carton clamps, paper roll clamps, forks, push pulls, rotators, mobile battery water stations, mobile toolkits, car shelves, loading ramps.
Furthermore, we can provide Racking & Storage Equipment such as pallet racking, drive in racking, cantilevers, mezzanines, long span shelving, mobile shelving, plastic bins, lockers, component organisers, galvanized roll cages, folding boxes, mesh containers, shopping carts, plastic palettes, labels & stickers for racking.
Also, our range includes logistic equipment such as industrial doors, industrial dock shelters, electro-hydraulic ramps, scissor ramps.
Additionaly we offer cleaning machines including  sweepers, automatic scrubber-driers, carpet cleaning machines, wet and dry vacuum cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners, single-disc and polishing machines, pressure washers, coldwater high-pressure cleaners, hobby line steam generators and chemicals for cleaning machines.
To compliment the range we provide access platforms such as self - propelled articulating z-booms, self - propelled telescopic s-booms, aerial work platforms & runabouts and material lifts.
Demetriades Service & Parts, can also offer after sales service as our technicians provide you with service for every type or brand of forklift, golf car and cleaning equipment. Demetriades Service & Parts also offers annual contracts and training for the correct and safety use of forklifts.
Demetriades Rentals enables clients to avoid capital purchase and the associated maintenance cost by offering flexible cost effective rental solutions that can be tailored to suit short or long term requirements, seasonal fluctuations, emergencies or special projects. 

Products for the Retail & Wholesale Industry

  • Storage Systems

    An experienced consulting team is studying the nature of each work design and application, and they propose the right equipment that can meet all of your expectations for...
  • Traction Batteries and Chargers

    The battery selection has a vital importance for the performance of the forklift. For that reason it must comply with the appropriate specifications....
  • Forklift Trucks

    All types of new forklifts and used forklifts and affiliated equipment are available with expert technicians to support long term stability in performance....
  • Material Handling Equipment

    Material handling equipment is the equipment that allows us to load, move and unload materials....
  • Cleaning Equipment

    The best solutions for cleaning and maintenance: Sweepers, scrubber dryers, vacuum cleaners, pressure washers and accessories to suit every need and maintenance products....
  • Logistics Equipment

    Demetriades Handling provides a wide range of loading bay equipment, industrial doors, industrial dock shelters, raising platforms, loading ramps and other affiliated equ...
  • Long Term Rental Agreements

    Demetriades Rentals enables clients to avoid capital purchases and associated maintenance costs, by offering flexible, cost-effective rental solutions....
  • Short Term Rental Agreements

    Demetriades Rentals offers short term rental agreements that are ideal for construction, maintenance and all high-level work needs. We can provide over of 250 access plat...
  • Access Platforms

    Demetriades Handling offers a wide range of new and used platforms (access platforms) that are suitable for painting, installation of steel structures and for all kinds o...
  • Spare Parts

    Focusing on after sales support and being concerned with the continuous need for spare parts supply, as well as identifying service as a key element....
  • Service & Repairs

    Demetriades Group anticipates and identifies the clients\' needs through excellent service and superior quality products, fulfilling every expectation....
  • Annual Service Contracts

    We offer routine service contract packages with attractive benefits and custom made annual service contracts according to each company’s needs....

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